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The girl is nervous.

Ok, I haven't been around for a while in part because I was setting some things up. I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled today, so I will not be responsible for anything like writing decent post past this point. So hey! Now I will be running away to get four new holes in my head to day.
Alright, here is the group I'll call hoofstock. Only fourteen pics, and if you were going to skip one of the zoo posts, this might be the one. But I am obligated by my insanity to post it anyway.


Now this batch is a little bit smaller, but no less entertaining. I got to watch the sea lion feeding! (Only 14)


The girl provides Zoo Pics: Part 1.

Alright, I'm a picture freak. I've cut down the total number of pictures a good deal, but I have too many that I like not to post them all. So it will be in phases in order of what amuses me. First come the birds! And keep in mind that when I say pick heavy I mean it. (30 of them, my dear...)


The girl's first meme.

Answer if you want, I just wanted to try it.
1. Silver or gold?
2. Would you have butterfly wings, fragile but beautiful, vulture wings, enduring if misunderstood, goose wings, powerful and straight foreward, parrot wings, deceptively lighthearted, falcon wings, meant for one thing, bat wings, flexible and unique, or no wings at all?
3. Has someone annoyed you in the last two hours?
4. Three days?
5. Do you hate trying to describe yourself?
6. What super power have you always thought was stupid?
7. Werewolf or shapeshifter? Why?
8. Do you hate hospitals?
9. When did you last look a tiger in the eyes?
10. Diamond, ruby, sapphire, or emerald?
11. Would you rather dance in the snow, the rain, or the nude?
12. Do you cuss in front of your mother?
13. What was the last thing that made you happy enough that it was all you could think about, even if just for a moment?
14. Would you rather fly like a bird or swim like a fish?
15. If you could pick the last thing you ever saw, what would it be?
16. Yes or no?
17. Money or gift certificate?
18. Are you currently wishing for something?
19. Would you get a pet who will live longer than thirty years?
20. Will you post this, so I can give you my answers?


The girl had fun.

Went to the zoo today. This either makes me an idiot or brave, given that I was excited when it reached twenty degrees at eleven, you can pick. Brought my brand new digi-cam with me, so you will be showered with unnecessary photos soon. The red panda was an absolute flirt today.  He was playing outside in the snow. The Sumatran tiger male gave me a fright when I turned the corner, he normally hides all the time, but he was gorgeous. (The female was hiding in the warm.) The birds were lovely. I chased the ship (forgive my Pratchett-ism) around the petting zoo. Those little chickens wouldn't let me pet them. (No animals were harmed or actually terrorized in the process of my amusement.) I walked and saw parrots and meerkats and monkeys and lemurs and squirrels that were black, red, and white striped. (And the cute guy who worked in that exhibit who smiled at me.) The sea lions got fed while I was there. I also saw deer. The carousel was unbelievably beautiful. I would have ridden it if it was working.
And no, I'm never growing up.


The girl is trying ot to be sick.

My uncle and aunt are visiting from Wisconsin, and he was a plague barer. So far only my KC uncle got sick for sure, but my dad things he is too, and I sure as heck don't want to go there. I can't remember what it felt like to be sick, and I don't particularly want a reminder. So I'm staying away from the menfolk for now.
Got to go shopping, so yay on that account. Got myself a load of junk (owl candle, earrings, key cover, and bank; snake wallet; Fragile Things; flying pig; and a $5 peto-bismol pink cuckoo clock.) My WI aunt continued to alienate my mother and KC aunt. But fortunately for me, I'm used to her not overly emotional personality. Too much hilly walking for my lame self, so aching now.
And watching AVP 1 now. And I now know the real reason I couldn't sink my teeth into the second. 1) I didn't like any of the characters or the monsters, which is unusual for me and any monster movie. 2) There was a certain light-heartedness to the first one, that I was hoping for in the second, which was stupid. Go into a movie hoping and always get disappointed. Which means Sweeny Todd could be a problem.
Here's hoping I'm wrong.

The girl warns.

Please do not go see AvP: 2! It's massively disappointing and is, frankly, agravating.
Save yourself money, rent or buy the original AvP, it's actually a decent movie. Hense the disappointment.


The girl explains.

Reasons for lack of updates previously:

1. Thanksgiving.
2. Finals. Not as bad as I expected, in fact my partner and I kind of rocked our acting final. (Pan to me shocked.)
3.Christmas shopping. Fun, but I always feel drained afterwards.
4. I haven't worked at the rehab center in a month due to the previous reasons and going one day when it started snowing and I was wearing a tee shirt and drove there.
5. basiliskicons, I love making icons and I got myself a new program.
6. Jim.
First of all, we always get funky when breaks come around, but I figured things would go back to normal after the break.
So we were going to see a movie, and he invited Jessica. I got bad mojo feeling about that, but figured I was being a jealous ninny and said nothing. He checks his mailbox on the way out, finds out that he is going to be kicked out of the dorm and barred from the premises (including the attached dining hall) for four years after he last final. I know him, and I know his conversations with his mom and dad, but I couldn't judge anything because I had to keep answering Jessica's questions about the conversation. At the movie, she sits between the two of us, which would suck on a normal day because I'd miss his snarky comments, but was worse. We walk back, half ditching Jessica to go get food, but he makes another phone call, this one to his girlfriend, so I leave to give him time. I go back a little later to find his roommate there yelling at him, so I leave again. A little while later Jim knocks on my door. His roommate found two empty alcohol bottles on his side of the room and reported them to the PAs claiming that Jim was going to set him up. PAs think it's suspicious that his roommate had all the alcohol on his side of the room, but Jim admits the bottles were his and doesn't fight it. Manages not to get kicked out of the university. Crazy roommate comes in again a week later saying Jim used his microwave, goes to the hall coordinator. Lots of messiness but Jim manages not to get kicked out of the university. He found an apartment, which looks nice, which he will move into a couple of weeks before I get back.
And ever since I've been torn between crying and thinking this is a good thing. Jim can't come visit me in the dorm any more, and I doubt we will be anywhere near as close. I've always had this rather sinking suspicion that the main factor that makes our friendship work was the convenience for him. And the fact that I had a car and he didn't. Next semester he will come back with a car, and live across campus. He's my best friend, regardless of whether I am his or not, and everything is going to change rather severely. At the same time, no small amount of me thinks this might be a good thing, having a 6-foot-something male best friend that I've spent most of my time with in the last year in a half of college has severely limited my already small dating pool and started some nasty rumors. Besides, it can't be healthy to know the person who you care about most outside of your family probably lists you seven or eight, (at least I make top ten!) So maybe this means healthy, more rounded me. Yay.

There you go, you're caught up on me. I hope that you are doing well and
Merry Christmas!


The girl does a happy dance.

I bit the bullet and bought a paid account for this journal, which means I MUST update at least once every three days for the next six months. Cower in fear. It also means I can have up to one hundred icons, be afraid. Which also means you finally get the low down. But not for another two hours or so.